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Triplex Board Plywood
Jun 16, 2017

triplex board Plywood



[Three-ply board] The most common kind of plywood, is the three layers of thin wood board in different texture direction made together.

The invention of the plywood was made in 1810, and British scientists used light pallets to produce light aircraft, followed by industrial applications.

Plywood in China in 1910 began to use, mainly to do the clock box and crafts, mostly three.

Feature editing

Good structural strength and good stability. Plywood containing plastic volume, the construction should be done edge sealing.

Advantages of editing

Thermal insulation, good sealing, high strength, bending compression

Pick the trick to edit

There are positive and negative differences between the plywood. When selected, the plywood should be clear grain, smooth and smooth smooth rough without stagnation. Should not be damaged, bruised, Mishap, scar and other defects, cutting surface without degumming phenomenon. Some plywood is two different lines of the veneer together made of, so the choice should pay attention to the splint of the plywood should be tight. When selecting a plywood, when the parts of the plywood are knocked, the sound is crisp and the quality is good. If the sound boring, then the plywood has appeared scattered plastic phenomenon.

Security issues editor

The plywood is made of three different layers of veneer. As the use of formaldehyde in the production of adhesives, so the use of plywood to make furniture will release formaldehyde. Formaldehyde in addition to the respiratory and nervous system diseases, such as cough, sore throat, chest tightness, dizziness, nausea, limb weakness, difficulty breathing, drowsiness and other symptoms, but also induced nasal cancer, throat cancer, skin cancer and leukemia and other cancer occur. General toxic gas release time of 1 - 10 years, the first year is particularly serious, during which toxic gas volatile fast, high release, serious harm to the human body.

As the indoor formaldehyde and other harmful gases will damage the health of the human body, so it is best not to buy synthetic panels to do the furniture, especially children with the family. If the family has a plate furniture and feel the smell is particularly strong, then the best qualified monitoring agencies to monitor whether the indoor air environment standards. In addition, photocatalyst products can be used to reduce the harm caused by harmful gases.