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Troubleshooting On The Bottom Of The Photocopier
Jul 17, 2017

1. The power supply voltage is too low. Many old copiers. Sometimes it works well and sometimes has a bottom, so it's better to check if the voltage is too low. When the power supply voltage is less than 200V, the exposure lamp is not bright enough, the development is low and the base grey is serious. It can improve the photocopying effect by appropriately raising the power supply.

2. The optical channel is polluted. If the optical channels (including the draft table glass, mirror, lens, 1-4 powder glass) are polluted by dust and waste powder, copy will have black spots, pitting bottom ash, copy color light, the phenomenon such as edge sharpness. The optical channel is covered with a layer of dust, just like a camera with a soft lens. The edges of the image are not clear. Apply the brush to dust at this point, then wipe with soft cotton (preferably with a suede brush). The toner and surrounding accessories are also married and cleaned.