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What Are The Notes For White Board?
May 31, 2017

1, white paper printing products are Hong Kong version of the field, there are words, lines, images. Such as: postal some express mail envelope, jug box, cigarette box packaging (box) and other printed products white paper, printing the best color is the first printed text, lines, images, then the full version of the field on the end Machine printing, so you can prevent the whiteboard because of thicker, imprinting is not dry when the paper bumps each other hit the dirty dirty, and sticky dirty appearance.

2, the dark color on the front of India, light color on the back of the Indian, because the dark color of the ink hiding power, strong adhesion, on the front of the first printed, easy to overprint accurate; light color ink hiding power weak, Put on the back of the printed volume when the rules are not slightly slightly observed, the effect of overprint is much better.


3, often in a printed product, there are half-color four-color points of the network, there are continuous tone images, text, lines. Four-color electronic distribution points should be pre-printed, is conducive to accurate overprint, reduce the impact of paper elasticity. And then printed on the continuous transfer of images, text, lines, in the arrangement of the printing order to look for primary and secondary, first difficult to easily cf the appropriate.


4, such as the hot weather, white paper printed monochrome when the paper encountered uneven moisture content to achieve export quality whiteboard, wrinkled uneven, poor surface strength of paper caused by powder, hair loss, etc., can also be the first fight Empty a water that can handle the surface.

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