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What Is Packing Paper
Aug 02, 2017

Packing paper is used for the purpose of packaging a class of paper collectively. Can be divided into ordinary wrapping paper, special wrapping paper, trademark paper, anti-oil packaging paper and moisture-proof packaging paper. Usually with high strength and toughness. Various types of wrapping paper have different properties and uses. For example, special fruit wrapping paper is thin and soft. Photographic protective paper is not transparent. Anti-oil packaging paper (plant parchment, etc.) with anti-oil permeability. Moisture-proof packaging paper (asphalt paper, oil paper, aluminum foil, etc.) are moisture-proof. Trademark paper is printed for packaging purposes. Ordinary wrapping paper for general merchandise packaging, quality requirements lax.

Can be divided into: ordinary wrapping paper, special wrapping paper, trademark wrapping paper, oil-proof paper, moisture-proof paper and so on. Ordinary packaging paper paper tough, for general packaging, such as kraft paper, chicken paper and so on. Special wrapping paper is named according to its use, its nature is also different, such as fruit packaging paper thin and soft, light protection paper color black and not light, cement bag paper tough and easy to break and so on. Trademark wrapping paper is printed for packaging, such as candy wrapping paper. Oil-resistant paper has the ability to prevent grease penetration, such as plant parchment, tallow paper and so on. Moisture-proof paper is moisture-proof, such as asphalt paper, oil paper, aluminum foil and so on.


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