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What Should I Pay Attention To When Using Gray Paperboard?
Aug 25, 2017

At present, China's production of gray-white paperboard manufacturers a lot, but the product quality is not stable enough, often appear cardboard surface is not smooth, excessive water content, thickness tolerance, the level is not strong (cut easily layered), scar and other issues, Binding to bring a lot of trouble. In order to ensure the smooth progress of processing, the use of gray-white paper should pay attention to the following points.

(1) according to the grade of the workpiece to choose the appropriate grade of cardboard, according to the book thickness, size and other appropriate use of the thickness.

(2) in the winter to buy cardboard water content is too large, do not rush to open the material used to store for some time, so that the natural evaporation of water, and environmental humidity to balance and then use. Do not open the material and then dry, this will result in the size of the book shell shrink, can not be set with the book core.

(3) the use of automatic bronzing machine processing, if the cardboard thickness tolerance is large, to check in advance, selection, according to the thickness of the general separation, can also be used manual bronzing machine for processing.

(4) open material found in the cardboard layer adhesion is not strong (from the layer), then neither cut into small format, it should not be used for medium diameter cardboard, because the layers of paperboard paste is not made after the book The appearance of uneven, convex, warping and other phenomena, affecting the appearance of the quality of books.

Gray-white paperboard format generally 1100mm × 800mm, 1350mm × 920mm and several other, the use of flat-panel packaging, each weight does not exceed 250kg.

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