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White Backing Board Important Packaging Materials
Jun 16, 2017

white backing board Important packaging materials

White cardboard is an important packaging packaging materials, its main purpose is through color overprint made into cartons and cartons, play a protective commodity, beautify the goods, promote the role of goods. White cardboard for single-sided smooth cardboard, gray and white at the end of the points. General use of waste paper pulp as a primer to bleach pulp noodles. ◆ corrugated paper corrugated base paper is used through the machine rolling, the formation of corrugated corrugated paper, and the formation of corrugated paperboard board board. Corrugated paper plays a role in buffering and supporting in corrugated cardboard. Corrugated paper is based on wood pulp, straw pulp, waste paper pulp in one or two mixed with copy made of. Corrugated paper quality directly affects the compressive strength of corrugated boxes, so the use of high-strength corrugated base paper, can create a strong and flexible corrugated boxes.

Development and application of corrugated cardboard ◇ Development and application of corrugated cardboard ◇ Development and application of corrugated board

As early as 130 years ago, the British Edward. Healy and Edward. Allen brothers invented in the paper pressed into corrugated corrugated, as a hat lining, used to sweat. In 1858 the United Kingdom had the first patent to manufacture corrugated paper. 1871 American Albert. Jones (Albert Jones) with a single corrugated cardboard packaging glass bottles, and made a patent. At that time, the use of single-sided corrugated paper, until the end of the 19th century, the United States began to study the use of corrugated board production packaging transport box. Japan began production of cartons in 1914, 1920, two corrugated board came out, its use quickly expanded.

During the First World War, the wooden box accounted for 80% of the transport crates, while the cartons accounted for only 20%. In the Second World War, cartons in the transport box has accounted for 80%. China began to play more corrugated boxes, in 1954 began to promote the use.

Corrugated boxes as transport packaging, both economic, lightweight and stacked and effort, easy to handle, it is a high-function, low-cost good transport containers, is now the world's most important form of packaging used.

◆ Current US and Japanese carton Applications Food and beverage Riyongbaihuo glass, ceramic products Other US 28% 48% 9% 20% Japan 55.5% 30% 10.5% 4% Corrugated shape

Corrugated shape is generally divided into U-shaped, V-shaped, UV-shaped three. U-shaped Leng's Lengtou is round, V-shaped Leng Leng Ding similar to the top of the triangle, UV-shaped Leng Leng Ding shape between the two.