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White Board Prices Continue To Rise
Aug 17, 2017

August 9, Zhejiang Province, all the paper mills will be divided into three batches of one after another, each downtime for up to 7 days.

"The environmental protection inspectors stationed in about 1 month or so, small and medium-sized paper pollution capacity removal will be accelerated, the supply will continue to shrink." Zhao Zehui analysis said.

At the same time, the Ministry of Environmental Protection recently issued the "import of waste paper environmental protection management regulations", a clear import of waste paper business environmental management requirements, and set a certain size of the industry access threshold.

Guangsheng analysis pointed out that the adjustment of import waste management directory on the impact of papermaking, which has not been sorted waste paper imports will be banned, such waste paper imports accounted for about 20% of total imports, mainly small and medium enterprises Used to produce white paper. Therefore, the policy will inevitably lead to the price of imported waste paper, coupled with the quota is limited, the future price of domestic waste paper or will enter the rising channel, the price of whiteboard will also be higher accordingly.

Haitong Securities believes that after entering the peak season in September, the downstream demand will be boosted in the make up the inventory, the fourth batch of environmental protection and waste paper supply and other factors will support the paper prices continue to rise in space, optimistic The second half of the paper industry prices.

Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day, Spring Festival and other holidays will increase the demand for packaging paper, the market generally said that the packaging paper prices tide is expected to continue until the Spring Festival.

"Environmental constraints in the context of small and medium-sized production capacity is conducive to the expansion of the leading market share of the proposed focus on the three leading enterprises, Nine Dragons Paper, Liwen paper and Shanying Paper." Haitong Securities analysts have pointed out.

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