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White Cardboard
Nov 30, 2016

At present, imported white paperboard on the domestic market accounted for a large share of the market, but domestic white card has the potential to occupy this segment of the market. After China's accession to the WTO, while the import tax rate of white cardboard, but the white card is high value paper (normal price in USD950--1100/MT), the absolute amount of the import duty is higher, even if the domestic white cardboard used imported wood pulp production, pulp tariffs to zero, made white paper jam still has some advantages in price.

Made in white cardboard factory, how to improve the quality of their products to meet the market requirements, is the key to opening the domestic market, especially open cigarette pack white cardboard market, can be said to measure the quality of domestic products meet high quality logo.

Major domestic manufacturer of white cardboard Zhuhai hongta yanlord paper and Ningbo Zhonghua paper and Shandong Sun paper industry.

White cardboard area divided into: blue and white single-sided copper plate paper jam, copperplate paperboard, ashes of copperplate paper jam on a white background.