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White Cardboard Belongs To What Material?
Aug 10, 2017

White cardboard is a thick, thick, thick paper. In the early years of the Shanghai shopping malls on the quantitative 200g / m2 or so white thick paper (smooth surface, after calendering, high stiffness, also known as thin cardboard (paper), paperboard, cardboard and cardboard; ), Call heavy paper. In fact, it is also a cardboard. The most common cardboard does not color, learn to call white cardboard. If the color, according to color called color cardboard.

The main use of white cardboard is packaging such as kits, cosmetic boxes, tonic boxes, gift boxes, high-grade agricultural and sideline products, and so on. White card paper name "white", so the whiteness requirements are high, A and so the whiteness of not less than 92%, B and so not less than 87%, C and so not less than 82%. Whiteness of more than 90%, a little "bright dazzling."

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