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White Cardboard Use Category And Standard Analysis
Aug 17, 2017

One, white cardboard

White cardboard is a thick, thick, thick paper. As the surface is not color, learn to say white cardboard.

China's white cardboard is divided into A, B, C three grades. A and so the whiteness of not less than 92%; B and so not less than 87%; C and so not less than 82%.

White cardboard raw material is 100% bleached chemical wood paddle, the best of which is bleached needle leaf sulphate paddle, or with some bleached broadleaf sulphate paddle.

Cigarettes with white cardboard requires a higher stiffness, bursting resistance, smoothness and whiteness. Paper requirements flat, not allowed to have streaks, spots, bumps, warping deformation generated. As a result of cigarettes with white cardboard. Mainly using high-speed gravure printing machine to print, so the white cardboard anti-tension requirements of a higher. Tension resistance, also known as tensile strength or tensile strength, which means that the paper can withstand the maximum tension when broken, expressed in kN / m. High-speed gravure machine to start holding the paper roll, high-speed printing also bear a large pull, if often broken paper phenomenon, is bound to cause frequent downtime, reduce efficiency, but also increase the loss of paper.

There are two types of white cardboard, one is FBB (yellow core white card), one is SBS (white white card), cigarette packets used FBB and SBS are single coated white cardboard. FBB consists of three layers of pulp, the surface layer and the bottom of the use of sulfate wood pulp, the core layer of the use of chemical mechanical grinding pulp. Positive (printing surface) for the coating layer, the use of two or three scraper coating, the opposite no paint layer. As the middle layer is the use of chemical mechanical grinding pulp, this wood pulp on the wood was high pulp rate (85% to 90%), the production cost is relatively low, therefore, made FBB cardboard price is relatively low The This pulp in the long fiber, small fibers, fiber bundles less, the thickness of the paper is good, so the same weight FBB thicker than SBS. SBS is usually composed of three layers of pulp, the surface layer, the core layer, the bottom are used bleached sulphate wood pulp. The front side (printing surface) for the coating layer, with the FBB also used twice or three times the blade coating, the opposite no paint layer. As the core layer is also used bleached kraft pulp, high whiteness, so called white white card. At the same time, the pulp fiber is small, the paper is tight, SBS is much thinner than the FBB thickness of the same weight. Such as a FBB of 230 g / m2 of the red tower, which has a thickness of 320 m and a thickness of 295 m for 230 g / m2 of SBS.

Second, single-sided white cardboard

Single white paper in the past also referred to as white paper. The quality of the front side of the single-sided whiteboard paper must be white and flat, well organized, very good stiffness, easy to make hair when printing, telescopic deformation is small, suitable for color printing. At the same time, but also have a good folding resistance to ensure that die-cutting indentation when the pressure line straight, the edge line will not cause paper fracture.

Single-sided whiteboard paper is made of multi-layer paper stack, each layer requires several different quality slurry.

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