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White Cardboard, White Paper, Kraft Paper, Specialty Paper From All Aspects Of Contrast
Sep 23, 2017

White cardboard is generally divided into: blue and white single-sided copperplate cardboard, white copper cardboard, gray copper cardboard. Is a thick and solid pure high quality wood pulp made of white cardboard, the pressure light or embossed, mainly used for packaging and decoration with the printing substrate, divided into A, B, C three, quantitative in the 210- 400g / ㎡. Mainly used for printing business cards, invitations, certificates, trademarks, and packaging and decoration.

White paper and coated paper, offset paper, letterpress paper is the difference between the paper grams of heavy, heavy paper and the positive and negative colors are different, white paper for a side of the white side, also known as gray undercoat white.

Kraft paper is a tough water-resistant packaging paper, was brown, widely used, commonly used in kraft paper making paper bags, envelopes, operating this, album sets, files and sandpaper. Quantitative range of 80 grams / square meter to 120 grams / square meter, there are web and flat paper, there are single-sided light, double-sided light and stripes the difference. The main quality requirements are flexible and strong, high bursting resistance, can withstand greater tension and pressure is not broken. Kraft paper with a high pull, a single light, double light, stripes, no grain and so on. Mainly used for wrapping paper, envelopes, paper bags and other printing presses and other packaging.

Now a lot of mobile phone manufacturers also like to use kraft paper to do the phone box

Special paper is a special purpose, the production of relatively small paper. A wide variety of special paper, is a variety of special purpose paper or art paper collectively, and now sellers will embossed paper and other art paper collectively referred to as special paper

The difference between the three very good comparison.

White cardboard: 200g, double white, for mid-range packaging category.

Kraft paper: 60-200g, for packaging. Carton. File bag. Portfolio. Envelope.

Special paper: generally used to import paper commonly used, mainly for the cover. Decorations. Crafts. Fine and other printing.

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