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White Paper
Nov 30, 2016

Two categories: one is for printing only, meaning "white paper" for short. Another is especially applicable to the Whiteboard writing paper (also known as "flip chart paper").

White paper (printing) [1] is a positive sign is white and smooth, gray on the back end of the cardboard, made this Board is mainly used for single-sided printing tray for use in packaging, or to design, handmade products.

White paper (stationery) is hung a stack of drawings, mainly suitable for seminars, workshop, Conference, size slightly smaller than the 1. There are many specifications, common are: 560mm*850mm,600mm*900mm.

White Board (white board) paper size 889mm*1194mm size 787mm*1092mm, magnanimity, or according to the order specified in the contract production of other specifications or the Web.

White paper as fibrous tissue is relatively uniform surface layers with fillers and rubber composition, and coated with a certain degree of coating and calendering processing, so the texture of cardboard closely, the thickness is uniform. The paper typically are white and smooth, with a uniform ink absorption, surface shedding and hair loss less paper and strong toughness with good folding, but its higher moisture content, usually around 10%, there is a certain flexibility, which give certain effects of the printing. White paper and coated paper, uncoated paper, the difference between relief of paper of paper gram heavy and relatively thick and sides different colors of paper, white paper is a grey and white, also known as the gray-coated white.

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