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White Paper Level
Nov 30, 2016

White paper is made from a batter with the layer of pulp in the Rotary dryers of paper machine or oblong NET mixed cardboard making machine becomes. Pulp slurry is divided into surface (surface layer), two-story, three-layer and four-layer, each layer of paper pulp fiber ratios are different, and the layer of pulp fiber ratio differ according to the quality of the copy paper.

First layer for surface layer pulp, requirements white degrees high, has must of strength, usually used bleaching sulfate pulp or distribution added part bleaching chemical grass pulp and white side waste paper pulp; second layer for lining layer, up to isolation surface layer and core layer of role, also requirements has must white degrees, usually with 100% mechanical pulp or light waste paper pulp; third layer for core layer, main up fill role, to increased cardboard of thickness, improve is degrees, General used mixed waste paper pulp or grass pulp, this a layer most thick, quantitative high of cardboard common several network slot points times hanging pulp The last layer is the underlying, featuring the Board appearance, increase strength, prevent the cURL functions, usually with high yield pulping or good waste paper pulp as raw material papermaking, cardboard bottom colour-grey, or as required to produce other bottom color.

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